Book - THE BIG BALLOON: A story that helps children process the day's emotions

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We teach our children how to walk, and ride a bike. We teach them how to read and write, how to brush their teeth and how to share. It makes sense that we should also teach them what to do with difficult emotions.

Emotions are not always easy to deal with, yet they are part of life. This book offers a gentle and fun way to help your child open up about their feelings and teaches them how to comfortably process what they feel, whether they are happy, angry, sad or fearful.

Processing emotions together with your child creates beautiful bonding moments but most of all it teaches a valuable life skill. Learning how to process emotions increases empathy and emotional intelligence but also protects your child from emotional issues both now and later on in life.

Reading this book together allows your child to practice processing emotions in the safety of a loving relationship. This helps them develop a kind and supportive relationship with themselves and gives them a solid base to cope with the challenging moments ahead.

“I love what freedom this is bringing to my relationships!! Thank you!!”

“I felt like I had The Force from Star Wars! Brilliant!”

Written by Chantal Hofstee design by Enni Tuomisalo

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