private consultation 
Chantal Hofstee

Clincial Psychologist (NZ) working with Gifted adults and gifted children and their caregivers

Clinical Psychologist (NZ)

Session Criteria

To achieve optimal outcomes, I highly recommend doing the Gifted Child Brain online course before booking a private consultation.


Sessions are 55 minutes and usually significant progress can be made within 3 – 6 sessions.


Sessions take place online via Zoom.


Private consultations are charged at $175 + GST if applicable (NZD) per session.


Some Health insurance policies cover the session costs, please enquire with your provider.

About me

I am a Clinicial and Health psychologist with a specific interest in Giftedness. Having a neurodiverse brain myself as well as raising 2 (possibly 3) Gifted children, gives me first hand experience of the beautiful side of Giftedness as well as the challenges that can turn into struggles.

Studying the neuro-diversity of the Gifted child brain has helped me understand myself, my children and my clients better. It has lead to practical, neuro-based strategies and plans that have helped many Gifted children and their families support their beautiful brain better.

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