Child brain

Supporting Gifted children and their families in

a research-based way.


An introduction into the neurodiversity of the Gifted child brain and practical, neuro-based tips.

Online course

The course ‘The Gifted Child Brain‘ unpacks the neuro-sceince of the Gifted child brain and give practical plans to support Gifted kids.

Private Consultation

After taking the course on ‘The Gifted Child brain‘, individual consultations or professional development training sessions are available.

Supporting gifted children and their families in a research- based way.

Chantal Hofstee is a registered Clinical Psychologist (NZ) 

She works with Gifted children and adults and is raising 2 (maybe 3) Gifted children. She combines her insights into the Gifted child brain with practical interventions and strategies to support Gifted children and their families.

Upcoming online events


Date: Mon 7 March 2022
Time: 7.30 – 8.30 pm (NZST time)
Cost: free

 Join live via Zoom or watch on-demand


Online course

Start date: Tue 15 March 2022
Time: 7.30 – 9.00 pm (NZST time)
Duration: 4 Tuesday evenings
Cost: $150 pp / $250 per couple

 Join live via Zoom or watch on-demand

From the course participants

We feel way more equipped to deal with the day to day issues, It was helpful to understand the neurology of giftedness. I had so many ‘aha’ moments!
Mum of two boys (9 and 6)

“Really great to hear I am not alone. Love understanding their brain processes and how that impacts behaviour.”
Taryn Pearce

I really enjoyed the course and found it helped me understand more about myself and my husband also. I was very heartened when you spoke with positivity about the generation coming through. “
Lynette Prattini

Firstly thank you! I got a lot out of the course and it truly has changed how I interact with my kids (and husband and some of our friends :)
Debbie Glen

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